Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Violence Against Asian Americans in Philadelphia Public Schools

This show focuses on an aspect of Philadelphia public schools that has not been given a lot of attention in the mainstream media--the experiences of Asian Americans in them. These experiences are from that Other America that has been historically marginalized in the mainstream media.

In this interview with a group of Asian American students at a community center in Chinatown, the issue of violence against Asian Americans in Philadelphia public schools is front and center. Since these interviews took place, the violence against this population continues in Philadelphia.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

tHE oTHER sOCIETY ePISODE: Interviews with Nnamdi Osuagwu and Losang Samten

This edition of sBADAwEBaUDIO's "tHE oTHER aMERICA fILES" looks at today's social world.

In one segment, online social interaction is explored through the lives of a collection of fictionalized characters suffering from "Facebook addiction."

In another segment, a lay Tibetan monk takes a break from his work on a sand mandala to discuss some of the truths he has devoted years to finding. Some of those truths are represented in the large circular mosaic he has created from grains of sand. In the interview, he talks about good and bad forces: explaining the roots of evil, and affirming that in spite of how things may sometimes appear, the good will always ultimately triumph over the bad.

In the 21st Century, after about a decade of human involvement in online social networking communities, there has developed such a thing as Facebook Addiction.

Nnamdi Godson Osuagwu wrote a book about it. He fictionalizes that reality and brings it to us in short first person narratives. These short stories beg the question of how close to reality they are. Should we be worried that social interaction between human beings will soon become some odd phenomenom that might have been found in one of those science fiction stories from the 1970s wherein is described a reality in which the only way that people will talk to one another is through technology hidden away in loveless, solitary apartments?

Losang Samten, a lay Tibetan monk, speaks calmly about a world of good and bad forces. As he talks about a few of the truths that he has discovered, he paints a more abstract--or simpler--picture of the world than the one Nnamdi/Osuagwu gave us. Samten's version of the world is one that can be explained using such terms as good and evil. With or without computers, one can conclude, these good or bad forces will forever define this social world on earth.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Soy Cafe Conversations: Elaine Mack Interview

In speaking about her new book, Ms. Elaine Mack says: "This book makes a very big promotion for arts in the schools. We must have arts in the schools. What's happened is terrible. What's happened in these last 20, 30 years is terrible. We've got to get music back in the schools. It's humanizing. It makes people feel like they belong."

Beginning a series of cozy conversations at North Philly's Soy Cafe, is this stimulating interview with author and musician Elaine Mack about her new book, "Black Classical Musicians in Philadelphia: Oral Histories Covering Four Generations." She speaks with the Bluesbadawoman, host of "The Other America Files," over dumplings and herbal tea.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Other Philadelphia Music Scene: South Broad Hip Hop Duo

An interview with Wiki-P and Miles of the Philly-based hip hop duo, South Broad. Toopic discussed: Miles's experiences as a Cambodian-American in the public school system, in the suburbs of Bucks County, and in the Philadelphia hip hop scene; Wiki-P's views on dating white women.

The Other Philadelphia Music Scene: Black Rockers in Philadelphia--PART 2.

Interview with Philadelphia's beloved Black Rocker, DA-1, at the Tritone in Philadelphia